At Brightside Accounting we provide a full range of accounting services customized to meet your business needs. Our services are for all business structures – sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and non-profits. We want to help your business grow and take away your accounting headaches. 

How are your margins? Are your accounting records up to date? What are your financial records telling you about your business?  Is your cash-flow going to allow you to keep operating? And what about that budget? Are these questions weighing on your mind and you haven’t had the time to find the answers? Let us help answer these questions and many more.

We provide bookkeeping services to fit your needs. Services include data entry of your expenses & income, payroll, bank reconciliations, financial statements and HST.

Do you need someone to come in and tidy up your financial statements, or help prepare a cash flow?  We can work with your in-house accounting staff to set up clean month-end procedures for your business to help ensure each fiscal period has a smooth and clean end.

-Customized accounting training on software such as Sage to help you spend less time trying to figure out where to put your numbers
-Microsoft Excel training specific for your business can help your operation run smoothly and more efficiently
-Teaching accounting to post-secondary students