About us

Having a service or a product you know will benefit others is exciting! As a business owner, you are stretched in dozens of directions – your time is at a premium. Let us help.

Our range of customized accounting services can meet your needs allowing you to focus on the areas of your business that you love.  Fortunately for us at Brightside Accounting we love numbers and can focus on ensuring your numbers are accounted for.

Brightside Accounting is owned and operated by Heather Peters. Heather grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, allowing her to experience first-hand what it is like to run a small business in Canada.  Today Heather helps other small business owners spend their time selling their strengths while she manages their numbers. For Heather this offers her the best of both worlds – supporting start-ups, small and medium sized businesses while realizing her own passion for entrepreneurship.
Brightside helps people grow through knowledge. Heather has taught Business and Accounting courses including software application in post secondary institutions. She finds it rewarding to see the students become more financially literate.  Teaching assists in keeping Brightside up to date in various industries as well as ever-changing accounting standards. More importantly teaching supports one goal of being a life long learner.


When not at work, Heather’s passions include her family, her husband, two wonderful children and their loving dog.